Oct 14

Beef Noodle Night

A Beef Noodle Soup Pop Up at the Gerald



Ba Ba Lio

We’re a Taiwanese Pop Up run by Chef Tiffany Ran. Ba Ba Lio, or “BB6,” features creative menus using the freshest Pacific Northwest ingredients, inspired by the diverse offerings of Taiwan. The words “Ba Ba Lio” in Mandarin means 8-8-6. 886 is the international calling code to Taiwan, a set of numbers to call home from another country. This menu is like a calling card, celebrating dishes from Taiwan utilizing Pacific Northwest’s bounty.


I started 886 Pop Up to highlight Taiwanese cuisine, but the question “What is Taiwanese food?” and inevitably, “What is Taiwan?” are difficult questions with many answers.

Taiwan is home to many indigenous groups and native Taiwanese who fished the local waters, foraged its green mountains and farmed its fertile lands, as well as local Taiwanese who have preserved its customs and history, plus Han Chinese who brought with them regional cuisines from across China. Its food is likewise just as numerous, plentiful, and diverse.

When I first moved to Seattle, I would call my mom late at night on my way home from work. My mother, sensing my homesickness would say, “想家就回家”. If you miss home, come home. Its meaning, more colloquial and less matter of fact, is akin to, “There is always a home here for you.”